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International Admissions Procedure

这里是你进入体育彩票外围的起点. Follow these steps to get started!


Application Deadline:

Admissions Cut-off:


July 1

July 16


November 15

December 1

这些是DSU申请和文件的截止日期. Visa interview and processing times vary. Please check for interview availability and wait times.


  • Fall starts on or about August 21st
  • Spring starts on or about January 8th.  

计划在开始前一周到达,给自己时间调整和准备 to start school. 在学校开学前,我们有几天有趣的活动 Fall to help get you ready and active on campus!

大多数申请需要一个月的时间来处理,从提交申请到毕业 an I-20 being issued.  这可能更快或更慢,具体取决于文档的可用性 and submission time.

I-20和F1签证将允许你在开学前30天进入美国 of school as listed on your I-20.  The visa process takes time. Please check with 向当地的美国领事馆查询有关预约和签证处理的详细信息.

当你觉得舒服的时候,你就有时间完成申请和签证 process, choose your start date apply in Step 3.

Create or log into your application here.


  • There is a one-time application fee of $35.
  • 申请费可以在你申请的时候支付.
  • 在你缴付申请费前,申请将不获处理.
  • 如果您不能在申请中支付费用,您可以使用 Flywire.

Submit a copy of the data page of your passport. You can do this by scanning the page 直接上传到你的学生申请中或者通过邮件发送到

你必须提交英语入学考试的正式成绩. Scores are valid for two years. 入学要求下列考试中的最低分数之一 to DSU:

  • TOEFL – 71
  • IELTS – 6.0 total
  • Duolingo English Test - 105
  • PTE-A – 51
    • 您可以在您的Pearson英语测试仪表板上与DSU分享您的结果或发送 the link for your score to

Please contact prior to submitting any scores not detailed above.  Select other scores may be accepted. DSU保留要求额外核查的权利.

所有在美国以外上过中学的学生必须 submit official academic credentials. This includes leaving exam scores and high school academic transcript reports. 正式成绩单必须直接从任何一个发送 the school or an approved evaluating agency.

如果有要求,国际高中证书必须由其中一个 evaluation services listed below. There is a fee for the evaluation. You are responsible for getting the evaluation and paying the fee. You must request a course-by-course 并寄给体育彩票外围. Scanned copies can 如果它们是从可以验证链接的电子邮件帐户发送的,则通过电子邮件发送 to the school or evaluator. Physical copies can be mailed to:

DSU Admissions
291 Campus Drive
Dickinson, ND 58601

所有的高等教育课程都需要由全国协会进行评估 国际证书协会证书评估服务(NACES) Evaluators, Inc. (AICE)评估公司,或美国外国证书服务公司 (FCSA). 所有的高等教育课程都需要逐个课程的评估. SpanTran是一家NACES评估机构,它为DSU创建了一个定制应用程序 帮助学生以折扣率获得正确的评估. To access their application, click their link below.





财务申报表格可通过扫描和直接上传的方式提交 to your student application or by emailing

提交的文件必须表明你、你的父母或你的担保人有必要的 资助一整年的学杂费、保险费、食宿费和书本费. This amount is listed in the Declaration of Finance. When submitting documents from the bank, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • 所提供的文件必须由金融机构出具.
  • 帐户上的名称必须与财务声明上列出的赞助商名称相符.
  • 银行对账单的出具日期必须晚于申请日期 was submitted to Dickinson State University.
  • 银行开单后,单据有效期为6个月.

A sample form is located here.

北达科他州大学系统要求新生提供文件 对某些疾病的免疫,除非接受豁免. 有关这些要求或潜在豁免的更多细节,请点击这里.

一旦你被录取,你就可以 visit our Admitted International Students page 帮你办理来美国的手续.